Friday, February 23, 2007

...and thus it begins...

This week, while I was at Mike Colon's 4 day workshop, I constantly heard "blog this" and "blogging is the key to success...." and on and on and on about blogging. I've tried several times to get the blogging ball rolling, but I never seem to be able to keep up the task! I decide I'm going to be excited about it, and blog for a few days straight, then get bored. Go Figure. I'm not usually one to become easily tiredsome of a task, even something as simple as washing the dishes can keep me entertained. When it comes to writing about myself grows old very, very quickly. So, despite my consistent inconsistencies in previous blogging attempts, I hereby announce the new birth of "afterthoughts!" :)

And thus begins my new addiction!

Mike Colon is an amazing person. I truely look up to him in many ways. First...his faith. He is so grounded in God. It amazes me that he can be so successful, and at the same time so family oriented, and Godly. Second....his photography is awesome. He manages to capture the essence of the joyful celebration that defines a wedding day! hehe. Thanks Mike for being an inspiration!

All you guys that I met at the workshop... Mike Steelman, Craig Davis and Andy Peterson, Tom Flint, MIchael Norwood , Melissa Rich, Tiffany Aicklen, Jose Gonzales, Dave and Bridgette Burke, Bob Sender, Priscilla O'Sullivan, Corey McNabb, and Danielle.

These guys all have awesome work, and are now wonderful friends that are not "competition" more of an encouragement really.

Within 3 days I managed to be in the ocean in a wedding dress, sit in a red F430 (Ferrari for any non-car people out there), and jump in a pool, in the rain, in a wedding dress...ALL while the aforementioned photographers were documenting my every move! hahaha. It was quite the week! Here is some of the proof of these adventures!

© Corey McNabb

© Melissa Rich

© Thomas Flint

© Thomas Flint

© Thomas Flint

© Tiffany Aicklen

©Mike Steelman

ooo...i forgot to mention the bird earlier!!! :) His name is Harley...isn't he great?

ok, thats all for now, but I'll write more later today!


Kristin Renee said...

Hey Brittany!
What a fun week it was! I have some pictures for you too! I will send those over :)
See ya soon!

Jasmine said...

Hi Brit! So great seeing you this past week...I love the blog! Keep it up and I promise your business will soar! :)



Thanks again for the modeling- You're great! I too am trying to keep up on my blogging - a task we can call each other on. :) Talk with ya soon! P.s. Love the "afterthoughts" title!

Ricki Ford said...

They say a picture says a thousand words. I guess thats why I have more pictures on my blog I'm not very good at writing.
Just want to stop by and say I love what you've done here:)

tomas flint said...

what's up britt?? had a blast last week...thanks for all of your hard work. you made our job a little too easy. u keep postin...i'll keep readin. all the best - t

amynave said...

Hi Brittany:)

I'm pretty sure we've never met but I've only heard amazing things about you through shyla, Jasmine, Kristin, etc. So, I can't wait to meet you:)

Can't wait for Vegas, we are going to have a blast!!!

See you soon,

Corey McNabb said...

You look beatiful Britt! It was great seeing you again last week...already looking foward to next time!