Wednesday, March 14, 2007

spring break road trip!

Last week was a break week for me. You all know that I go to Brooks, and every 7 weeks, we have 1 week off. Well this last week off happened to coincide with Gavin's spring break. Perfect! So we decided to head up to the Bay area. I was originally going to assist a friend of Gav's family with a shoot for her company Picture People. Her studio is located in Foster city, which is just south of San Fransisco. We learned before the trip that the shoot was cancelled, well...most likely cancelled, but we decided to head up that direction anyway. Gav has family that lives in Sonoma, and Santa Rosa, and I have friends in Santa Rosa, so we figured a little road trip was in order. We headed up there Sunday, March 4th, and spent the next few days with Gav's grandparents. It was sooo much fun! :) We modeled for Lisa (the Picture People lady) for engagement we arent engaged was pretend...hehe. As soon as I get the chance I'll try to post a couple of those. We were posed...and neither one of us are used to modeling while being posed so specifically...I think they are kinda stiff...but there are a few cute ones. We had dinner with my old friends Garrett and Colette Gregg (and their two little ones...Hailey and Keira). On the way home we took HWY 1...found a lighthouse, gorgeous clouds, and an incredible handcrafted coast by our one and only God. Thankfully the sky was beautiful, cuz it's the only time I took pics all week! Here are some of the good ones! (almost all done with my Canon little camera in the world!

The clouds are incredible!!!

the golden gate bridge (on the shadow side)

Isn't he cute!?

I LOVE lighthouses!!!

Grandma and Grandpa B's street!!! Isn't it beautiful?!?!

The road sign down the hill from Grandma and Grandpa B's house...

Me and my beloved Hassie!!! Once I develop the film I'll scan some and post them!

I'm tired!!!

The LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! my Prince Charming... O:)

"On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful..."