Friday, November 14, 2008

Jason & Stephanie...E-sesh

Ok, So this post is a LONG time in coming! I'm So very sorry to Jason and Steph...I promised I would get a blog up, and a slideshow up, but I really havent been able to do that!

We have hit the point in our lives where all our friends are getting rapid
sucession!!! It's such a blessing to walk through these times with such amazing friends. Jason and I have know each other since we were...well...since I was born! We actually have video footage of his first birthday party where I was just a few months old! Despite our different colleges, and such, Jason (or J-Le, as a we dubbed him years ago) is one of the people I have remained really close with. So, when we met at chipotle for lunch a year and a half ago and he first told me about Steph, I was thrilled! They had only started dating a couple weeks earlier, but there was a definite sparkle in his eye. I have since grown to adore Steph, (in all her Texas charm) and we have become the best of friends. When I read the text a few Saturdays ago "I'm betrothed" from Steph, I couldn't help but call her and shriek with joy! A few days later, I asked if I could shoot their e-sesh, as my gift to them! Here are some of my favorites!

**click on any of them to see a slideshow!

A couple Sundays later, with the help of a few friends, we threw them an awesome engagement party! 40 college age kids were there! :) It was wonderful to see such an outpouring of love for these two!

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