Thursday, April 5, 2007

...@ long last...the Vegas blog

Vegas Baby!!!

haha...ok so maybe the line is a just a lil cliche...but WPPI Convention in Las Vegas was soooooo much fun! (WPPI = Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.) I am blessed enough to consider Mike Colon an incredible friend (more like a big brother), and a mentor. AND to have him consider me an assistant!!! I went under his company name and got to play assistant! I cannot wait til I get to intern for him May-August! the basic schedule for the week was as follows:
Sunday: Left OC --> drove to Vegas...
-got into vegas about 2:30pm...
-grabbed lunch with Mike, Kristin Renee, Ray Santana (uncleray), Roseanna, Sam and Ashley (I dont remember their last name!!! I know they live in FL!!!)
-ran a few errands around the tradeshow floor
- stopped off to make an appearance at the OSP party @ Napoleon's in Paris...

Mike went covertly to both his HAWAII hat...
-headed over to the "Super Swanky Soiree" @ the Bellagio (hosted by Sara France and a few others) Mike's "girls" got temporary tattoos...hehe. mine was an Asian character that said "love." It was gone the next day.
-went to bed around 2-ish ( I was rooming with Kristin Renee, Amy Nave, and Tiffany Aicklen on the 11th floor of the Paris!)

Our Hallway!

-Mike spent some time at his sponser's booths....
La-Vie Albums

haha...sign issues

Elvis is Alive!!! @ the WPPI tradeshow at least!

- Monday night he shot at the Champagne Shootout. It was fun! In the Bally's event center, the four corners of the room were packed with people watching each of the four incredible talents battling it out. The onlookers appetite's were satisfied with free ice cream!!! Every topping you could imagine! The four photographers each had a stage with a studio lighting setup and a model. with huge Apple Cinema displays and Mac Pros and all that.

Roseanna, beautifully edge lit! (if I do say so myself)

Mike teaching at the Champagne Shootout...

My new buddy Martin...the Apple guy!

-Later that night we partied it up with at Bludomain the Kingpin Suite at the Palms Hotel. Mike got some bowling tips from Gav over the phone which put him just 3 points below first place! It was an awesome suite above the strip! With a pool table, two bowling lanes, and a was jammed with people!

The Kingpin Suite @ the Palms!!

Tom Flint, David Burke, and Mike Steelman after a few at the blu party...

David Burke, Tom Flint, Danny Heinlein, Corey McNabb, and Mike Steelman...

The Photographers, Jaysun and Jos bowling.

- Mike had a talk at the Nikon Booth
- then at Pictage
- again at the La-Vie booth
- he was free from about 3:30-6 (so i managed to get a nap in there!)
- there was a Pictage Party at Napoleon's in Paris, and an Apple Aperture party, AND a WPPI hospitality party (@ Bally's) that I missed cuz I was sleeping!!! Apparently I really needed a nap! O:) oops!
- a HUGE group of us had dinner at Mon Ami Gabi in Paris. Then walked around and caused trouble! : )
-after all the craziness of the day, we headed over to THEhotel to party it up with [b] and his entourage! Dane Sanders had his patented Simple Photo Booth at the was a HUGE hit! Here are some Pics of my good friend Jeff LaPlante and I being silly! :)

- Lexar Booth talk (3 times over!! poor guy had to repeat himself over and over and over.)

- an Apple talk
- and a Nikon talk one last time.
- that afternoon I hung out with Jeff LaPlante and his wife, Sara, and their two little ones, Cam and Paige. It was the best night of the whole week! We walked from Paris to Aladdin (to get Starbucks) and then down the Mirage to see the Volcano erupt, then to Treasure Island to see the Pirate show (which was closed because of the wind...Cam was disappointed).

The Volcano Explosion...

All week I was fortunate enough to hang out with a great group of friends that I had met at the previous workshops...TJ Cameron (with whom I didn't get to spend NEARLY enough time!), Tom Flint, David Burke, Tiffany Aicklen, Corey McNabb, Mike Steelman.

I even made a few new friends!! Geaorge from Rangefinder Magazine, Kevin Meyers, Danny Heinlein...and SOOOO many more!!

here are a few random shots...

There was a HUGE pic of me at the Nikon booth!!! (I heard rumors of one at the Epson booth too, but never saw that one.) Thanks Mike!!

It's actually a half scale replica....I didn't know that!

The Strip @ night...

The ceiling at the Bellagio (my fav hotel) was strung with these cute little balls of flowers. They were light pink (kinda hard to tell here.)

After being there several times in the last few years, I finally saw the fountains!!! :)

aaannnnddd finally a pic of me...not sure who took it...Tom Flint maybe?


chris lazo said...

Well look who got a blog:)
Myspace doesn't seem to be enough, does it? Ha!

BTW, thanks on the card from Overnight. You seem to be doing quite well yourself, and making it happen. Keep it up, yeah?

Good good:)

Jeff LaPlante said...
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Jeff LaPlante said...


Cool post on WPPI. I'm not quite that organized. :)

You're so sweet! We had a great time with you as well!

I can't wait to see you both in Seattle! When are you going to be here? I'll see what I have scheduled. I'd love to have you shoot with me.

Kiara and Chad were so fun and the weather was just gorgeous up here that day!


Ray Santana said...

Dude where is my Ferrari! Ha miss your but big time gotta come to florida dude, love the shots of Vegas .... stay in touch.

David Burke said...

Hey Britt!
Little late on seein your Vegas post. It was great hanging with you again! You have some great shots on here too. I am having too much fun in the picture of Flint, Me and Steelman. haha!

Talk to ya soon.

amynave said...

Hey Girl:)

It was so great meeting you in vegas. Thanks for being such an awesome roommate. Next time we have to hang out more:)

Tim Halberg said...

Haha.. that's funny... I saw you a bunch of times at WPPI but had no clue who you were.

It's nice to "formally" meet ;-)

Hope you're having a blast after WPPI! It's always so inspiring!

Are you in the OC or SB?

tj cameron said...

ah... i just read this. we'll hang more next year :) uh, i didn't know about this blog? talk soon!