Saturday, September 22, 2007

...10 rows back?

At the end of August, Gav and I had the chance to get to an Angels game...but this wasn't just ANY Angel's game. For one thing, it was the opening night of the series against the New York Yankees (and they definitely kicked some Yankee butt!)...for another, we were only about 10 rows back from the third-baseline! It was officially the BEST game I have ever been to! We scored these awesome tickets from a friend of Gav's who works with him at The Sports Club/LA. Here are a few shots from my PS from the night...

Awww...he's adorable!

The fun couple we went with! (our connection for the tickets)

Awesomely close!!

GA hangin between innings

Right after Ryan Budde hit his first ever RBI in the majors...a walk-off homer at that! (I think it went 16 innings or something like that!)

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Staja Studios said...

Brittany -

Aren't you two cute :)! It looks like you guys had a good time. I hope all is going well and keeping busy I'm sure.

- Jason