Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Last Wednesday I got a call from a friend of mine in Seattle asking me to come up. Her hubby is a wedding photographer, and needed a second shooter on Sat, AND we've been wanting to hang out for a long time! So I booked a ticket to Seattle Thurs morning around 2, and left Thurs afternoon about 4.

It was a fantastic weekend, and it only solidified my desire to move to the pacific northwest!

I spent the weekend with Jeff LaPlante, his wife, Sara, and their two little ones, Cameron-5 and Paige-3. We had soooo much fun! I loved hanging out with the kids, and Sara is a total blast. Jeff and I shot (I seconded) a wedding in Chelan on Saturday the 22nd. I'll post a few from that after Jeff does. Anyway, here are a few shots from the flight up there...

This was a first...this dude was reading a John Grisham novel "King of Torts," and over the course of the two and a half hour flight went through two cigars! No, he didn't smoke them on the plane...just chewed on them...lol. GROSS!

This was out the window as we descended into Seattle.

I sat in the middle seat, generally a detested on any plane, and had an college student from Seattle next to me on the window side and a sweet older gentleman from Seattle area named Ted. He was very intriguing, and full of wisdom. I gave him an education in the photography world, and he in turn shared with me his life experiences. Thank you Ted, for making the flight such a great trip!

Practicing my "widow light" assignment...lol..for all you non-brookies, that was an assignment in our first 6 months of school.

I'll write again soon!


Jeff LaPlante said...

Hey Brittany! Thanks for making the trip up to Seattle and then over to Chelan to shoot Andrea & Evan's wedding with me! It was awesome having you there!

Tim Halberg said...

I love window light stuff on planes!! too fun!