Monday, November 26, 2007

...i'm so behind!

Ok, I am a terrible blogger! O:)

My wonderfully talented friend Jasmine Star reminded that it's been a long time since I've written. And she's right! there as been a lot going on in my life since I last updated a month ago! Hang with me, this is going to be a long one!

The end of October was fairly uneventful. Halloween came and went without much excitement. I really really really want to dress up and do something fun! Like go hang out in Downtown Fullerton, or something like that. However, no such luck. As I sat at home with mom and dad and Gav, only 3 or 4 groups of kids rang our doorbell! Soooo depressing. I think its because all the churches in the area have these big alternative carnival type things, and parents probably feel safer doing that, than letting their kids go trick or treating. On some levels, I understand...However, there is something so charming about kids running around ringing doorbells and saying "TRICK OR TREAT!" with HUGE smiles on their faces and bags held toward you. It's the perfect excuse to dress up, and innocently be someone you are totally not (or maybe to reveal your deep dark personality! ;) )

As most of you know, I went to Friends Christian School, from the time I was four, until I graduated eighth grade. Well, November 15th, was the first fundraising breakfast for FCS, and mom, and her best friend, Lynette, and another woman were in charge of pulling a breakfast off for 250 people. The catering, the gift bag stuffing, the table setting, and the rest of the details fell into their laps. Luckily, I love that sort of stuff too, and my mom and I work as a perfect I got to help! A ton of work, but incredibly rewarding! We set up 27 tables; centerpieces, silverware, dishes, one hour! Thankfully, we had the help of about 15 teachers and faculty. Anyway, we pulled it off, and it was a HUGE success. The fundraising is for scholarships, which allow kids to attend the school, and pays for things like news computers. Anyway, enough rambling on's an iPhone pic of the tables...

My mom's birthday was November dad and I took her to The Summit House for dinner, then were too late to see the movie we had planned, so, instead we went home ad watched an awesome movie called, Black Book about the dutch resistance in WWII. If you're into classic history movies....I highly recommend it!
ok, so I said this was going to be a long post...i changed my mind...LOL. I dont have the stamina to finish it...I'l try again later tonight....or tomorrow! :)

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