Monday, October 22, 2007

in the glow of the fire...

...everything has an orange-ish tint to it today, almost like it's a really vibrant sunset all day long. The moment I stepped out of my house this afternoon I was choked by the thick layer of smoke and ash that has settled over the entire area of Southern California. There are said to be 15 fires burning in SoCal at the moment. 8 or 9 of which are in the LA/Orange county area. Last count I heard they had evacuated 250,000 people in San Diego, and 15, 000 homes were in danger in Lake Arrowhead a few dozen of which have already burned. These people are losing everything. Can you imagine being in the midst of this tragedy? I think about the people who are leaving their homes as fast as they can, and am so very thankful that God is surrounding them. I am in constant prayer for the thousands of firemen who are doing their best to save everything they can. The winds are not helping in the least. In Santa Clarita gusts are being clocked at 80 mph. Here's the CNN article that is being updated consistently.
Gav took this with his iPhone last night from the roof (or out the window) of his work in Irvine...In another one he showed me, you could see the flames.

Please please please join me in prayer for all the families awaiting news of their homes, and all those who have lost everything in these fire storms. Pray for hope, and peace and faith. Pray that they are comforted by the knowledge that God does not give us more than we can handle.


Erin Melenbacker said...

I really appreciate this blog as it brings the reality of the situation closer to home rather than just seeing the reports on tv. We'll definitely be praying.

david & kimi baxter said...

amen! what a nightmare for everyone. all who have lost are in our prayers.
stay safe out there brittany!