Wednesday, May 21, 2008

6 months later....

I've officially decided that time flies when you're having fun! Okay, okay, so it's a little cliché...I know. But it's true! when you've had the most amazing time of your life, doesn't it just seem like it buzzes past you like a bullet train!? It's amazing. Adventure after adventure, Studio 22 High School events, Sunday night worship, family parties, graduations, holidays, times apart, new friendships forged...all of these have been whipped into the batter of my life over the last 6 months. Each part adds a different flavor, and while each flavor is great on its own, when combined, the final cake is AMAZING...Life-changing even! Ok, so for those of you who didn't catch my silly baking analogy...while all the adventures and such are great individually, they are made a thousand times better when experienced hand in hand, adventure after adventure, with the one you love.

A few days ago was the 6th month anniversary of our dating life. And although to most it seems pretty trivial, to me...its an enormous milestone. In 6 months we've done everything I could have imagined. And More! We've danced in the rain, we've been to the happiest place on earth, we've frequented the beach, we've made lots of friends, made amazing food, gone on a hundred different adventures, and so many more things, I cannot even describe them! But beyond all that, beyond the giddiness of dating, and the silliness of receiving flowers for no reason; beyond the late nights of movies, and beaches; and beyond the simple thrill of feeling like (and knowing) there is no one else in the world he would rather have his arms around, there is love. Love that seems to get me through the long days, the short ones, and the ones that just won't go quickly enough. A love that is constantly encouraging me in every avenue of life be it, my times with the girls, or my walk with the Lord. When its been a long day, the girls have been in one of those moods, or I have work to do up to my eye-balls, or when its just been a really long day, and I can't quite figure out why... he, and his love are there. I am so very blessed to be in a relationship that makes me feel like no matter what is going on, no matter how frustrated I am with life, or work, or people, Zach is always there to wrap his arms around me, and remind me that he loves me with all his heart, and tomorrow is another day. We've had our moments, and our disagreements (that never really last all that long), but I wouldn't trade even those for anything! We grow closer together by the day, and even more importantly, closer to Him.

This last half a year has been the best of my life. When I was frustrated about finding a job Zach constantly prayed with and for me, and reminded that God had a plan. When the Kavadoy family fell into my lap, it was almost too good to be true, and only could have been orchestrated by Him. If not for Zach's encouragement, I probably would have had something else going on when Caeser contacted me.

Anyway, all this utterance of garbled thankfulness, and excitement is to say that I'm in love. I'm with the the man of my dreams. We have a story that even the best writers in Hollywood could not have concocted, and we are blessed beyond belief in every area of life. I'm so thankful that Zach is there to make me laugh and smile, and even catch my occasional tears. I Love You Zach! Happy Six Months!

Zach had a plan to celebrate on Tuesday, but we decided that would better work out another day when we didn't have other commitments. So, he said he would come up with plan B and all would be well. I was supposed to work from 12-5, and then head up to meet him for our plans. However, Linda's meeting ran long (completely NOT her was an all staff meeting with LOTS of "tech difficulties" that she was required to attend) and I wound up not actually being able to leave until about 7. Thankfully, Zach is a saint, and completely understood. He was amazing about the whole thing. I finally met up with him about 7:45 and was ready for dinner by 8:15. We jumped in the truck, and while he was peppered with questions about where we were going, and what we were doing, he managed to maintain a secretive smirk, and did not divulge. We parked, walked through the shops and headed down street. As we approached I wasn't really paying attention, in fact, I was probably totally immursed in the monolouge that was flowing quickly from my lips. We walked up to a door, and I looked up at the sign.

"MELTING POT?!?! You're taking me to the Melting Pot? Ooooo! I'm soooo excited!!!"

I threw my arms around him, and gave a little jump for joy/happy dance as he opened the door to my all-time favorite dining experience. We had a fantastic night, and all healthy eating habits went out the door for the evening! :) Here are a few shots from dinner!

we were both getting facials from the steam from the broth...

Thank you babe!!! :)


KATIE said...

girl you rock... i love love love that you love love love Zach! I think you two make a great couple... team. :)
lol... and that's how it should be, you immersed in him too much to notice where you were going... :)
most definitely being so captured by your love is truly a gift from the Lord.
Bless You two in each consecutive 6 months... continuing to celebrate the gifts from the Lord with thankfulness... AH I LOVE YOU! :) :)

mike steelman said...

Happy 6 Months!!! You guys are freakin cute. We have to catch up soon. May the Lord continue to bless you guys...keeping him first. :)