Sunday, January 11, 2009

catching up...

I am a terrible blogger. It's just fact. But, I'll make you a deal, you continue to read my blog, and I'll write as often as possible. Deal? Great. the 3 months since I've blogged, SO much has happened! There has been Thanksgiving, and Birthdays, and Christmas and New Years, countless high school events...and in case the last post didn't give it away...I have a beautiful new piece of jewelry, and am engaged to my best friend, the love of my life!

I'm not going to run through all the dirty details of everything that's happened, instead...I'm going to post a few pics from each event, and a brief description and consider myself caught up! :) (they won't be in order because I'm not that good!) :)

January 3, 2009...Disneyland for my "sisters" birthday! So much fun with Lo and Meg!

Ice Skating in downtown LA with my fiancé!! :)

Our favorite date spot to catch the Holiday Magic before Christmas!
Studio 22 Country Christmas Party 2008

rolling out 18 batches of sugar cookies! It took 7 hours and produced 783 decorate-able sugar-cookies!
Traditions at Christmas are the best! Esp cookie decorating with Mom, Meg, and Lynette!
(Meg had just attacked me with

Our beautiful tree Christmas morning!
Great Grandpa & Grandma (96 &95) hanging out...waiting for presents to start!
In our PJ's Christmas morning!!!

The day after Christmas, after spending half of Christmas Day & the 26th, with the Steiger's in San Diego, we met Jennifer and Tony for dessert at this AMAZING place... Extraordinary Desserts

We walked around Balboa Island with mom and dad (& of course the amazing red cups)

Although I was off for a couple weeks, I babysat a couple times, so Zach and I took Sid to the Spectrum and on the ferris wheel. It was so much fun! We played pretend family for the day! :) He's going to be such a wonderful daddy! (whenever that time comes! LOL)

New Years was spent, again, on the streets in Pasadena. We learned so much from last year! We were blessed to start off 2009 with our best friends!

While the boys made us breakfast before the parade...we stayed bundled up!

more pics to come soon! and more of a real update on life! :)


ohana photographers-david and kimi said...

now this is the way to blog!!! that was a lot of cookies and yay for disneyland!! woo hoo!!

DghterOfAKing said...

about time!