Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So at first I thought this was lame. Then I got tagged in a bunch. Then I thought about it more. Then I came to the conclusion it was kinda fun. And somewhat of a creative outlet.

But I'm not doing this because of the rule. Just cause I want to...
(I borrowed that part from Brian...)

25 things about me...that you may, or may not already know...

1.) I sleep with a teddy bear. His name is Noah. He's a build-a-bear that Zach and I built in the first couple months of "us." If you've seen the notebook...and you know our story...You know why his name is Noah! :) Yeah, I'm 5 some days...but I'm ok with that.

2.) My favorite book is "Bartlett's Familiar Quotations." I LOVE quotes. Not to just randomly spew quotes at people, but to write in notes and such. I love that quotes have history behind them, and are generally so much more thoughtful than today's phrases.

3.) Notes. I love handwritten notes. I love sending notes, and cards to people for absolutely no reason, other than I love them, of course! Emails are great, and instant and all, but there is something so romantic and tangible about a handwritten note.

4.) I HATE my handwriting! A couple of my best friends have always written like typewriters...PERFECTLY! And I love them for that, but it drives me crazy that my writing looks like chicken scratch next to theirs. *cough*megan, lo*cough* ;) So, I generally write in least that can look okay a little sloppier.

5.) I am totally and completely in love with Santa Barbara. I lived there for a few years, and would give just about anything to move back. The pace of life, the farmers market, and general local attitude is exactly what I will look for when we have the chance to move.

6.) Farmers markets are a little slice of heaven. I love to eat healthy (albeit not quite as healthy as my future hubby), so the produce, flowers and all-around"organic" lifestyle they promote are
perfect for me!

7.) I sleep with like 6 pillows on my bed, but use none of them. Strange...

8.) When it rains, I'm in paradise. (isn't it supposed to have the opposite effect?) I am enthralled with gloomy weather. The smell of wet pavement, the churning seas, the splashing of drops on my skin as I dance in the street; all these add a sparkle in my eye. The clouds left behind by a rainstorm are always breathtaking, and the way everything sparkles with water droplets is almost as if our whole world has been washed anew. I think I was born in the wrong state.

9.) While I adore Southern California, I would love to move to Seattle for a time, and maybe even San Fran area. The allure of an artsy, big city, but small town feel is incredibly strong...magnetic almost.

10.) whew! I'm only on 10?!? My ring. My engagement ring, that is. Was picked out entirely by the love of my life! He asked if I wanted a say in what he chose, and I decided I'd pick out a couple styles I liked, but leave it mostly up to him. HA! He knew me better than I knew myself! He vetoed my ideas (totally fine), and decided on something much more unique, and more perfect than I could have ever dreamed!

11.) I love jewelry. but only sort-of. I love simple, classy pieces, but in excess, even those can become unattractive to me. I have a few necklaces (a couple from T&Co. ...just sterling ones) that I adore for their simplicity. But I hate the look of being all decked out in bling. YUCK!

12.) I have weighed practically the same since I was a senior in HS. That was a long time ago! The funny part is that although I eat fairly healthy, I don't cut out the things I love (like ice cream), and I rarely excersize! I really should work on that second part though...

13.) Art captivates me. Painting, drawing, poetry, photography, sculpting, writing...I'm fascinated by the people who can see the many facets of one single object. The fact that you could give 10 artists the same object, ask them to capture it, with a medium of their choosing, and have 10 different results is absolutely amazing.

14.) I love to create. I'm artsy. From scrapbooking to perfect bow tying, and from decorating to creating cute boxes, I love the hands on experience and tangible result of creating.

15.) I'm a mac. All mac...all the time. enough said.

16.) I own about 20 different cameras. Half of which are film. Ya know...that stuff that you can't expose to have to take it to a lab to get it processed....etc. I wish I could shoot all film, all the time. Especially with my Hasselblad!

17.) I have been snowboarding since I was in 6th grade. And I used to be really good! Then I got hurt in high school, and my glory days were over. But, alas, these days I only get to go once a year...and I'm lucky if I make it at that!

18.) I have only known my best friend a little more than a year. And somehow, over the last year we have become fast friends. Every piece fits into the puzzle with her! And she is a perfect fit with the rest of my closest friends! I cannot imagine a more Godly, higher energy, more dessert minded young woman as my best friend! ;) (not only that, her husband is my future husband's best friend too!!!)

19.) The love of my love. The man I am marrying on October 11, 2009. has been a part of my life for roughly 10 years. We were best friends in high school, went our separate ways when he graduated, and have managed to find our way back into each others arms again. I remember sitting on the bench in my front yard (in high school), talking to him about getting married someday. And how I couldn't imagine anyone better than him to spend the rest of my life with. As trivial as that seems...(we both went through quite a bit after high school)'s such a God thing. The reality of the amount of emotion that has been poured into this man is only fitting for a future husband! I love him with all of me!

20.) I love old people. It sounds strange, I know, but really. People that have lived long lives have so much to tell! If you take the time to sit, and listen to their stories, it's amazing what they've seen in their lives. They provide colorful discriptions, and firsthand accounts of things that history books can't even begin to retell as vividly.

21.) If I leave my fingernails naked too long, I bite them. Hence the polish...whether clear, colored, or french tipped, they're almost always polished.

22.) I love my short hair. It's kinda me! Zachary loves it too! "it fits her personality," he says!

23.) Fresh cut flowers. I love them. I plan to always have some flowers in our house. They add so much cheer, and life to a room! How can anyone not love them!

24.) Pride and Prejudice may be called the ultimate chick-flick...but it's a pretty powerful story of love, and forgiveness, and first impressions. The book is my favorite, but I love both versions of the movie. And the soundtrack is perfect "studying" music!

25.) As much as I'm excited to get married, and have a wedding. I am most excited about the rest of our lives together; waking up next to the love of my life every morning. That will be what motivates me out of bed (I hate mornings)...the realization that I get to spend the rest of my life waking up next to my best friend, and the rest of my days in the safe embrace of the man who holds my heart.

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jamiedelaine said...

I'm sitting here recovering from having 4 wisdom teeth pulled this omrning and pretty much reading the whole internet today. ;) I love this list!! You are too sweet.