Monday, February 9, 2009

Mom and me...a day of adventure

Saturday, I had the privilege of spending all day with my mom! We headed up to Santa Barbara for a day of bonding. The drive up was wonderful! The mountains we could see from the 57 were stunningly covered in snow, surrounded by a halo of clouds, and bathed in yummy golden sunlight! We hit rain in LA, but by the time we made it to SB, the sun was shining, and the air was clear and cool.

La-La land in the rain!
I think this is part of an art museum....anyone know for sure?
"OLLYWOO!!!!" (anyone remember what show that is from?)
We grabbed Panino, and stopped at Katee Grace Clay's new apartment in Santa Barbara. She is in an old Victorian Style house about 2 minutes from downtown with a few other girls from Reality Carp. The architectural details are awesome! Here are just a few I snapped while eating my sandwich, picnic style on her floor.

One of those gorgeous flowering pear trees.
After lunch, we headed up to David Jay's Freedom house to get in on a few minutes of his Freedom & Slumber workshop. These workshops are an awesome way to connect with other photographers from around the world, as well to learn from one of the best photographers, and businessmen in the industry! When we walked in, DJ was in the middle of a lecture, but stopped it anyway, and introduced me to the group. I ended up having the opportunity to model for them, and we spent the rest of the day hanging out, and learning about each other! Thanks guys for an awesome day!

This is the breathtaking view that my dear friend gets to wake up to daily...pretty insane!
DJ's house was one of the houses on his street that DIDN'T burn in the Tea Fire a few months ago. Thank God! This is the front entrance of what was one of his neighbors homes...(the house in the background was a different property)
Luckily, I brought my camera, and had the chance to shoot a few myself!
Amarillo's own Justin Wesbrooks...
Miss Kristin Renée...
hehe....Mom wasn't too thrilled that people were taking her picture. But she's so pretty! And I kinda "neglected" to warn her that anyone in sight is fair game for photogs.... O:) It was really fun to have her there! She hasn't ever been at a workshop with me, or really seen me model, so it was great!
Miss Ashley Stephen...A new SB local (as of 3 weeks) by way of Georgia!
The infamous DJ... :)
Kristin again

Ahmet Z. Ayyildiz...
The reflection of the blue sky and thunderclouds made awesome colors and reflections on ocean...

The guys shooting us girls...too cute! Troy Grover, Ahmet, DJ, Justin, and Mark Dong
Some lady painting the gorgeous scene in front of her

Josh Newton...ALWAYS on his

The wall behind the VW dealership....such sweet textures!

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I may be biased, but I do have to say that the world is a better place when you are shooting and blogging:-)!!!