Wednesday, October 3, 2007

..Ryan & Michele

They met in a billiard hall. He was with some rowdy friends to have some fun, and she was their with her best friend to actually play some pool. The first time she passed him, his eyes followed her all the way through the crowd, and he knew he had to at least get her name. They soon realized they shared the same faith and lifestyles, and were very much attracted to each other. ...and so it began.

On Sunday, September 30, Ryan and Michele became Mr. and Mrs. Crump. The setting was a quaint old victorian style home in Orange, Ca; The American Family Living Center. As twilight faded into dark, the magical atmosphere of twinkle lights shone through the darkness, creating a fairytale-like dance floor. Ryan and Michele...I am so priveledged to have shared this amazing day with you guys! Thank you for your easy-going friendliness, it was truly a joy to capture your wedding! Enjoy Maui!

click on any of the pictures to view a slideshow.

**When they get back, I'm hoping to get Michele back into her dress, and Ryan into a shirt and tie and take them to the pool hall where it all began! Wish me luck! :)

I owe a huge thank you to Katie Grace Clay and Gavin Wade for assisting me! You both are a joy to work with!

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Ricki Ford said...

One an 4 are my favortie.. Great job.