Wednesday, October 17, 2007

...the latest...

So this is going to be quick, but I just wanted to updated you all on my life at the moment!

Sept 24, I FINALLY turned 21. let me tell you I went wild on my b-day! hahha...not! Gav and my parents and I went to dinner at a place called Villa Nova. The food was wonderful, and my first legal drink was called (ironically) an Italian Job martini. It was vanilla vodka, creme de cocoa, and a shot of espresso. It was fantastic!

I shot a beautiful wedding a couple weekends ago at the Bali Hai on Shelter Island in San Diego. I will post some detail shots from the wedding soon.

I get to shoot with Mike Colón and Rosanna this weekend at a wedding in Coto de Caza. That will be a blast!

AND for Gav's belated graduation present, I'm taking him to the Eagles and Dixie Chicks concert at the new Nokia Theater in LA, next Wednesday! I'm really excited!

Ok, now for my dilemma. I need a cute pair of going out jeans...for all you men out there that have NO idea what that means...I need a pair of jeans that are cute, sexy, and dressy enough to go out to a nice dinner, or a swanky lounge. There are literally hundreds of pairs of denims out there...and I think I have tried them all on. Color? not a problem! waist size? not a problem...26ish. length? MAJOR ISSUE!!! no matter what I try, I cannot find jeans long enough to wear with heels!! I have a love affair with shoes, (although not as intense as J*)
and I have several pair of cute shoes with at least a 3in heel. So when flat footed I have a 36 inch inseam, it proves impossible to find long enough jeans! I need extra long...but NO ONE carries them!! ARGH! anyway, if anyone has an idea as to which brand, or what store...please please please let me know!! I need them soon!

Hmmm...other news...I'm getting a Canon Mark III :) I decided it was time to upgrade from my 3 year old 20D. I have about $1200 down on it at Samy's OC...they actually have one in the back on hold for me! Anyone want to contribute to the fund? :)

And yesterday I went on a baking binge...I made a chocolate cake with coffee chocolate frosting, AND chocolate cupcakes with a dark chocolate ganache. yummm!

ok, thats all for the moment...I gotta run, I'm off to make dinner for my man!


Gavin said...

Dinner was wonderful baby, thank you so much!! Love you...

Erin Melenbacker said...

Baking...there's something I can't do :) Does sound wonderful though. Congrats on getting your new camera! We are waiting for the new Nikon to be released so unfortunately my pockets are going to be be empty soon too :)

kennykimdotcom said...

I found your blog online finally! :-) how's the new camera? I'm jealous.

tomas flint said...

Happy Belated Brit!!! Wow, many years ahead of your age. Be well!!