Saturday, March 15, 2008

and the winner is....

UCLA!!!! by a very very slim margin! I honestly didn't know if they were going to pull it out! I mean when your team misses something like 10 freethrows in a row....its pretty questionable!

here are some pics from this afternoon's game, and pre and post adventures! :) enjoy!

We headed up to LA in 2 seperate cars, because Dave was going to leave from there to go back to SB. We followed Rich (driving Dave's car) until we decided he had NO idea where he was going (we were trying to find somewhere to eat, and he got off the 60 in East LA, and we wound up up the east side of the 6th street bridge...pretty crummy area.) From there, we just decided to go park, and try to find something on our walk to Staples. Within our last block we had almost given up hope of anything decent to eat, just about ready to concede to the gross area food again when a small café seemed to beckon us through the tall apt buildings and run down lots. The Liberty Grill is a diamond in the rough...with outstanding food, great service, and a quaint Santa Barbara-esque atmosphere...what more could you ask for? The first few moments of the game on TV would be nice...oh was on!
the ucla fans next to us left this at their bar-table...
sweet jerseys adorned the walls from all the big sports teams
I had the pulled bbq pork sandwich, and I've often found it can be a hit or miss dish....this one was right on!

this dude had sweet hair! classy and clean dreds are always awesome...the gang...
final score...67 -64...Darren Collinson scored 28 pts for UCLA! amazing!
sweet lines...
when we walked out of Staples, there were water droplets on the ground, and incredibly majestic thunder clouds in the sky!

Doesn't God paint fascinating masterpieces?

meh...the colors are SO much more impressive in camera!

Can anyone see the rainbow? or did firefox's stupid color shifts obliterate the faint reminder of God's promise?

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