Saturday, March 15, 2008

on another note...

Cheering Crowds. Painted Faces. School Colors. Junk Food. College Basketball.

I got to hang as one of the guys tonight! (granted, they are "older guys," but what's that saying? "Old Guys Rule?") **love you guys!** Where else can you eat a bunch of "awful for your eating habits" food, and not feel guilty? Where else can a girl have a draft in a clear plastic cup and not feel like a hick? haha. Sports games of course!

Slightly more upbeat than the previous post...I was at Staples Center tonight! This weekend is the NCAA Pac 10 finals, tonight were the semi-finals (UCLA vs USC, and Stanford vs Washington State), and tomorrow afternoon is the finals! It was a perfect way to spend a Friday night! (the one and only thing that might have made it a smidge better would have been if my man were with me) Our friend Rich had the good fortune of stumbling upon some tickets that a client couldn't use, so his friend Dave, my Daddy, and I were the lucky ones to accompany him! It was so much fun! I'm tired, and need to be up at a relatively early hour tomorrow, so I'll leave you with some images from the afternoon/evening! Enjoy! More tomorrow!

This guy was hysterical. He totally caught me snapping a few pics of him and smiled and waved as we drove away...

I love the City of Angels! The patterns, textures, and buildings are all so very unique!

random guy in starbucks with sweet maroon Chucks! :) and we must not forget the infamously deep pockets of those in the LA/Hollywood Hills areas! (I could settle for one....couldn't you?)

These funky wire mesh sculptures are the current art for out front of Staples

the standoff of the day between these two colors!
this guy is a nut! security came and talked to him 2xs! Every TO, every moment the band started up, even during games....he was on his feet dancing to his own beat...Never in my life have I seen anyone crave attention that badly!!! LOL
Sam Adams?'s kinda gross looking...
Rich's "tub'o'butter"

something's unusual about this image....anyone notice?
while the Stanford band is musically talented, I must say, the classier, more traditional bands seemed to be more together...
I will admit, I'm always amazed at how many guys miss their shots from the such a basic part of the game, you'd think they'd figure out how to get it right....almost every single time!
I'm all about school spirit...but seriously?
My own red Chuck's...affectionately known as my clown shoes!
now even the 76 Co. has a thing you know...there will be "Cingular" men walking up and down the court...

(although the guy that won the contest made 2 out of 4 freethrows....and was handed a check from 76 for $38,000! Shoot, to make that kind of money in 3 minutes, I'd BE the 76 mascot!)

Daddy and Dave...playing tricks on poor Rich!
are you seeing a pattern in my eye? *no pun intended! ;)

This is Dave....everyone say "hi Dave!"

I caught Daddy mid-whistleI think I caught Rich off-guard too
This license plate said 9xwchmp...which translates (at least to me) as someone who has won 9 World Champ titles...Obviously it's someone with beaucoup $$ they're being driven around in a Rolls Royce...a newish one...with sweet suicide rear doors! AND the license plate frame is a "Laker" one...any guesses on the car's owner? Mine is good ol' Jack. He's been under the impression for the last 25 years or so, that he is part of the Lakers (and in a way, he is) it wouldn't surprise me

power-washing the sidewalks....
stairway too _____?
kinda cool I thought...
on the way home in the car....I wonder if he's ever read the lip on the bottom of that cup?

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