Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mexicali Part I

Finally! It's almost time for Mexicali! The countdown has begun...8 days til we leave! I think it's about time I let you meet the team! This is my crew for Loma Linda Church. We have an awesome group! Mostly sophomores, with a couple seniors, it will be an amazing trip! I'll highlight each individual, and explain the chicken logo in the next few the meantime here are some pics from decorating shirts at the latest meeting...and some headshots, so you can have a visual as to whose life you are blessing by praying for my team! Briefly, Emma is the daughter of Randy..she's 11, I believe, and we are soo stoked to have her on this adventure! AND Hilda is absolutely amazing! (much, much more on Hilda to come!) She and Randy are the translators, and are going to do a fabulous job turning our words into words that the people can understand! Thank you everyone!

**corey wouldn't let me take his he got a profile shot. no one took mine, so i stuck in an old candid, and josh's is from another event.

In this series, Jessica and Hilda got in a paint was one of the most humorous moments yet!

**I blog through firefox....and does anyone else notice the awful color shift on these (or any) images? What's the deal? My friend and amazing OC photog Michael Norwood pointed it out too!

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