Monday, September 22, 2008

...I don't even know...

have you ever felt like you have invested time and energy and life into something you love, something you're passionate about, only to have it stolen out from under you by someone? 

how does it make sense to anyone that when you part ways with someone, suddenly all you know and all the connections you've made are hijacked by that other person...especially when its not even truly an interest you share? 

I have spent the last 4 years of my life creating connections, and absorbing tips and information, like a sponge, and forging friendships with people at the top of their craft from whom I have so much to learn. and now I feel like that foundation is being yanked out from under me, stolen even, by someone who has no right to do so. how is that fair? (yes, I'm isn't fair) I continue to glean everything I can from those connections while at the same time feeling stabbed in the back by so many of them. I cannot even begin to explain the hurt, and frustration I feel. it's enough to make me seriously consider where I have placed my trust, and to whom I look for advice, both business wise, and "elsewise..." and the path my life is taking. 

***I'm sorry...I really just needed to vent my frustration. It's been weighing on my for a week or so, and I've become a semi-grumpy (mostly just quiet) person because of it. 

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chris lazo said...

I know that awful feeling. I'm praying for you friend.
The Lord is always faithful to his kids...He will vindicate you.