Monday, September 8, 2008's been awhile...

Wow! I just realized it's been almost a month since I've blogged! I'm so far behind! Since Brian and Britt got married got so much has been going on! Zach and I went to Palm Dessert with Caeser and Linda and the girls for a little bit of a respite in our busy schedules, we went to a rodeo in Norco with Alex & Rachel, and Brian & Britt. We've had dinner with Brian and Britt @ their new place. I went with a friend of mine to pick out possible engagement rings for her. Zach and I went up to Santa Barbara Labor Day weekend to hang out, and spend some us time together...and we even got to see fireworks! We went to an angels game.....and it feels like something else too, but maybe I'm forgetting.  Hopefully I'll be able to put up pics from most of those things, but it seems like my p&s is having issues, so we'll see. 

I'm really excited! I have a friend with whom I grew up whose engagement session I get to shoot this weekend! Jolie was the winner of the Miss Los Angeles County Pagent, and I went to elementary school with her! We were in Brownies (little girls girl scouts) together, and have all kinds of crazy stories about growing up! I'm soooo excited! I was able to meet her coffee yesterday, and catch up a little bit about the last 8 years of our lives, and we had so much fun! I'm really looking forward to meeting her fiancĂ© Josh.

In Studio 22 at church this fall we are starting a new series called Kingdom Culture....I'm super stoked about it! The high school department is going to to be partnering with the Jr. High and college departments to be a student ministry-wide series. We'll be focusing on Matthew 5 and how we can live out God's desires for us in this kingdom. The high school room is going to be re-vamped into an awesome "urban-esque"  mood with photographs, and art and some sweet wall displays. Check back soon for more details, and to see images of the awesome room transformation, and even better, hear (or read) the stories of how God is working in students' lives!

OOO!!! In other news, my new site is up! It's not NEARLY finished, in fact, I haven't even put galleries up yet, but it's up and running, none-the-less! Thanks to David Jay's ingenuity and his Showit Sites team! Special thanks to Andrew Barlow of the tech team! I was having issues, and he worked really hard to get everything solved, and working properly! Zach and I are working on developing a new logo for me...something really reflects my personality. We need to fine tune some of the details, but hopefully the finishing touches will go quickly, and it will be unveiled soon! 

I lead the freshman girls in Studio 22 with two other young women, Wendy, and Britt. Well, I still live at my parents house, which means that my house is still a prime target for Toilet Papering! And, leave it to my wonderful freshman, they got me good! I drove in right as they were starting, so of course they scattered like cockroaches in the light, then a little over an hour, they showed up again! I was JUST falling asleep, and heard the faint "ppffftt" tearing of the TP. I got out of bed, walked to the front window, and watched as my front yard was transformed into a world of white. After they left, I went outside and grabbed a couple shots on my iPhone cam of the damage, and cleaned it up before it had a chance to soak up the water from the grass. At least they love me! right? :)

yes, those are post-it notes ALL over the front of my garage...with notes, and all kinds of cute things on them!
Anyway, that's all I have time for right now. Hopefully more will come later! 

love love!

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