Tuesday, June 12, 2007

...the details...the chicago trip!

sooo...after graduation we met Gav's mom and grandma & grandpa B, and a couple others for dinner at a Tapas (no no...not TOPLESS) Bar in Wheaton. It was really good! We bolted early from dinner to say goodbye to Paul, who headed back to St Louis. Then met back up with the gang for dessert at this adorable little ice cream shoppe in Wheaton!

it was sooo small town cute! of course I had to grab a shot. (unfortunately, I elected to leave my real camera at home due to limited space on the drive back, so all i had the WHOLE trip was my Powershot...which takes great pics! but not quite perfect quality.)

Monday, we went Downtown Chicago with Jay and Cath to just hang out. We had a great laugh on the way there out of the "POSTAL POLICE" lol...anyone heard of THAT before? And the poor "postal policeman" he looked so serious! I wonder how many people laugh out loud in amazement as he drives by...

It was nice to relax a little bit after the craziness of the weekend! A few days earlier they had found this amazing little chocolate lounge in one of the malls...(Cath and I are very much the dark chocolate connoisseurs, and found the little truffles to die for!) ethel's chocolate is perfect for anyone that loves fun chocolate and appreciates unique, charming presentation....they can't be beat! We headed into the Bentley Dealership (being the car nuts that we all are, we were in the mood to drool over some serious metal but, of course they were in the processes of renovating, and only had a few lambos to show) and Gav decided this was the car he wants...lol...
We even made it to the place where we had our first "real" date a little over a year earlier! We had lunch, and again, it was wonderful!

teehee...this picture makes me smile..."a true likeness..." wouldn't you agree? :P

As we were strolling around I remembered to grab a shot of the John Hancock building...we were alllll the way at the top a few nights earlier..and, as you can imagine, the view was AMAZING!

One of the many things I absolutely LOVE about Chicago is how well kept the grounds are! As far as big cities go it seems fairly clean, and the tulips in spring are breathtaking!

The white ones by the old water tower look like snow! I loved it! why can't LA be this nice!?

Ok, so I have to preface this pic by saying..."Gavin James...i love you with all my heart...please dont kill me!"
This was just tooo great to pass up.
those are MY jeans!!! lol. by FAR this is my favorite pic of the WHOLE trip!!! hehehehehhe... O:)

On our way out of town, Handsome Rob (Gav's MINI is a he) loaded to the brim with everything coming home, I made Gav stop in front of school, don his very loud royal blue cap and gown (over his shorts and tshirt...hehe) and pose in front of the sign! Not too much to ask...right? lol.. :P

ok, more to come about the drive home and the events since then...im catching up! slowly but surely! but its bed time for now. night night all! sweet dreams!

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KATIE said...

okay so that is absolutely FANTASTIC that you had Gavin get out and stand by the Wheaton College sign!!! you know in 30 years he'll be so happy he did that!!! :)
love the photos and the commentary--- good to have you two together again--- I say that like it's a community benefit! :)
love to ya sweet pea!