Saturday, June 9, 2007

...the details...the graduation...

This is going to come in several posts, but I'm going to attempt to do it all in the next hour or so...we'll see how successful I am! :P

At the end of last session I was SWAMPED with work. All of a sudden I had 2 papers to write, and like 3 finals all in a matter of a couple days. Now of course I could have started at least one of the papers a couple weeks earlier, but alas, i have this nasty little habit called PROCRASTINATION. That being said, my last couple weeks of the session, consisting of flailing to keep my head above water....was all my fault. lol.

Anyway, the middle of the break I flew out to Chicago to be with Gav, my prince charming, for his graduation from Wheaton College.

Blanchard Hall...the oldest building on campus!! isn't it beautiful!?

13 of his family members arrived over the next couple days, and by friday night everyone was in town (totaled 13 people from the two different sides). Then we began the juggling of spending enough time with people so neither side would get upset. (let me tell you...this is definitely an art form!) Gav officially became a Wheaton Grad Sunday May 6!! I'm so proud of him! While I was out there, we went to some wonderful dinners! We had dinner at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock Tower (unfortunately my camera battery died, and I dont have any pics from that one), we had Maggiano's (which is always yummy!), we went to Wildfire, an AWESOME bbq was sooo wonderful! We also went to Gino's for pizza, a great Tapas place in downtown Wheaton. I had the salmon at the Signature Room, and a Parmesean Crusted Filet at Wildfire.

Grandma & Grandpa B...pretending they are us...the "velcro couple" :P

The Graduate and me.

Grandpa & Theo ordered the sundae for dessert...and wouldn't let anyone else touch it! haha.

At brunch @ Saga (the caf) before proud!

555 grads...can you find mine? :)

all about the details! O:)

Proud Daddy!

Jay (Dad) and Cath

Pam (Mom)

Chelsea and Cam (sister and bro)

G&G B (moms parents) he's well aware of what we women have to deal with with long hair! :P

...the guys...

...a couple of great roomies...and lifelong friends

...i am so grateful for Paul's friendship with gav!! such an awesome friend!

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