Tuesday, June 5, 2007

...shes back...

ok ok ok ....so go ahead, get the scolding over with now...

i havent blogged in FOREVER...I know...no one has any idea whats been going on in my life...i KNOW! lol. I'm sorry!!

it has been so insanely crazy this last month around me that I have barely had time to breathe, much less sleep! so, this week, I plan to catch up on all my blogging!

A brief summary of what will be appearing on here over the next few days...

-gav's graduation in chicago
-the road trip back from chicago
-dan and amys wedding
-started interning for Mike
-eileen and jeff's wedding
-an update on interning for Mike Colón
-grad review
-moving out of my sb apt
-moving back home
-an entire house in my parents living room (my old apt)
-adjusting to moving back home....etc etc etc

ok, i gotta get to work, but I'll write this week!!! i promise!!!


Shyla said...

My kindred spirit... lets get together soon. You are close now!! :) I will even come to you :)

let me know... 909 225 4548



Ray Santana said...

Like that RED dude.....

KATIE said...

you may call me doubting Thomas... but i'll believe it when I see it! :) love you girl! hope to see you sooner than later!