Sunday, June 24, 2007

...real quickly...check this!

i dont have time to enter much...just really excited about these new pics! Gav and I modeled again for a Mike Colón workshop. these are the first pics ive had the chance to see...and i LOVE them!!

Taken by Kansas photographer Jeff Wendling of T&J Studios

Here's their blog...BLOG here to see a SLIDESHOW of the pics. there are some of all 3 couples taken over the course of a couple days. what do you think?


Priscilla said...

Hey girl!

You guys look so cute! Too bad we couldn't have met up while you were in Chicago. You better look me up the next time you're both out!

Ricki Ford said...

Got it going on.. You can work in front and behinde the camera..

Staja Studios said...

Brittany - are those the best that Jeff had? JUST KIDDING - They're GREEEEAAATTTT (In my best Tony the Tiger voice)! I have to say, we all had it easy though, with such great subjects. I hope everything is going well for you and Gavin.