Thursday, January 31, 2008

Freedom House, pt 2

One thing I absolutely LOVE about DJ's house is all the little random trinkets laying around! There is everything from awesome marble spheres that look as though they were someone's trendy light fixtures, and crazy architectural angles! Stick-men are mountain climbing the vertical walls, and unique pieces of furniture adorn each room. Everything is seamlessly trendy and chic to the max. The modern sets of hanging silverware, and the beautiful orchids submerged in ultra-trendy vases are the marks of someone well aware of the importance of chic, but interested, as well, in the comforts of home.

Below are just some of the images that I managed to capture last weekend. No, there are no people in them (well, most of them)...but these are generally the sorts of things that catch my eye in a room, even in the midst of the company that fills the room. Details stand out to me...however large, or small...

the famed David Jay himself!

DJ's AMAZINGLY beautiful, and talented assistant, Crystal. This weekend could not have been pulled off if not for her hard work!
Kenny Kim's awesome brown converse...I'm really jealous! I want a pair!
Gustavo Fernandez and Corey Hage attempting to absorb all the intense knowledge that is DJ.

Kenny, Corey, Andres, and Melanie

The talented Mery Donald in all her silliness!
Melanie Merkling, Penny Sylvia, Mery, and Kristin Renee...
Miss New Orleans, Amy Jett.

Gustavo, Melanie, Kenny, Corey and our videoographer for the weekend, Paul Rogers.
Corey and Andres

For some reason, I never caught a shot of Mark Barnes, or Regas Chefas! But I surely did not want to leave them out! Sorry I never grabbed shots of you guys! But I know Kenny I stole his intro grids...

** thanks kenny!!!

Thank you all for an amazing weekend of connections and learning and fun! I am so very blessed to know each of you!

Thank you Mike Larson! He (and his super-sweet wife, Rachel) made a guest appearance on Sunday. Mike talked business, hung out, and even showcased his magic "camera in flight" trick!

**all the shots not taken on sushi night were shot with the famed Canon 50mm 1.0...ya know...the one that belonged to Mr. Denis Reggie himself! :) It's still one of my favorite lenses!


Paul Rogers said...

I have to say the pictures you took over the weekend are amazing.

Thanks for the comment, its really encouraging to hear. Honestly without the overwhelming love of the Lord and His amazing guidance, Im sure my life would be a train wreck. It's knowing that in every moment of every day, through good times and bad, He is faithful. All He wants is our availability, so that He through His strength can do His work in and through us. So if there was any encouragement praise His name for it is He who lives in me.

RC said...

Heya Brit!

Great to meet you at the Freedom house! Great pix. I love the details!

I will let you know on the shoot up here. Looks like it might be in an old victorian in San Fran so we'll see.

Currently just a matter of getting everyone's schedules together.

Keep in touch!

Andres said...

Hey britt, sweeeeeeet shots of the details of the FH!!! I got the sneak peak last weekend! :)