Friday, January 25, 2008

I don't even know where to begin! I honestly believe I just had the most romantic night of my life! I'm still breathless!

Zach and I managed to score some sweet last minute tickets to Wicked tonight (with the help of some AMAZING friends!Thanks guys!) We weren't positive we were going to get them, but in order to be available for them, we needed to be in LA around 6ish. So, about 4 we finally hit the 57 to head to LA. With the uncertainty of tickets at hand, we figured we would have dinner, and yet another adventure if plan A fell through. Throw a little rain into the mix, and there could not be a better night for adventure!

Deciding on Italian, and eager to try somewhere new, we settled on this fantastic little restaurant on Sunset between Argyle and Vine, it was called The Fabiolus Café. Fab-i-o-lus indeed!!! It was wonderful! The ambiance was perfect, the wait staff attentive, and the food delicious! And to top it all off, the Tiramisu was some of the best I've had. (although, I must admit, the inch-thick layer of cocoa powder on top made it slightly messy to eat.)

Sitting just inside the window, we were trying to time leaving the café perfectly with the pattern of the rain. However, the moment we stepped outside, we realized looks can be deceiving. It was completely pouring! Huge drops! As soon as the light allowed, we dashed inside the Bean for safety, and to find a little warmth in a cup of coffee. Realizing the rain was not planning on letting up anytime soon, we made our way back to the Pantages to wait for Donny, Lindsay and the crew. It was probably only about a nine or ten minute walk from the Café to the Theater, but in the pouring rain, it seemed like 20! All the way back we giggled and laughed and enjoyed the water that drenched our neatly done hair, perfectly pressed shirts, nice jeans, and black leather shoes. It never rains like this in Cali! and I LOVE IT!!!! :)

We watched the show from the ranks of about 100 Jr. Highers, and I must say, it was as good this time as it was the last. I am fairly certain I stop breathing during "Defying Gravity." It's so incredible! Zach had never seen it, so occasionally stealing a glance at his expressions reminded me of the unadulterated delight in being a part of the sights and sounds of the story of the wickedness for the first time. He loved it! I'm so very thankful he is excited to do things like that with me! Musicals, symphonies, orchestras, and theater make life just so much richer! The arts add another dimension to the boring technological day-to-day. **sorry...tangent! O:) **

Anyway, leaving the theater, was almost as difficult as getting there! As far as the wetness goes, at least! We made it to the car, quickly shed our outer layers and settled in for the drive home. Driving my car in the rain is not nearly as comforting as driving the truck, but it gets so much better mileage, we took it anyway. Needless to say, the ride home was a casual pace, but singing at the top of our lungs to the soundtrack, and conducting the imaginary orchestra of taillights in front of us with a "wand" made it pass oh so quickly.

We pulled into the driveway, finished the song we were listening to, and I was asked to put my shoes on....

*time out* here's the's midnight, we just were privy to an amazing display of talent and music, a story of love and friendship, so our moods are romantic and giddy... (zach lives on Main street, and it is exactly as it sounds...quaint! a few small, old homes line his cul-de-sac...all of whose inhabitants were fast asleep), it's POURING rain, the orange glow from the single street lamp reflecting off the shiny asphalt is the perfect frame for the huge drops of water splashing in the road.

...So, we did what any normal person would do...head to the middle of the street hand in hand, of course! Standing there, water dripping off our brows and noses, we danced. He picked me up and spun me around as though I was weightless. AND he sang to me! O:) I really do not believe it gets any more amazing than that! In that instant, I could not have cared less that the water pooling on my black heels was being absorbed my pant legs, or that my mascara was more than likely halfway down my face, or even that my hair was plastered to my head. I felt like I stepped out of a Hollywood set...It was as if we kept expecting someone to yell, "Cut!!" It could not have been more perfect! Thank you Zach!

Besides "Defying Gravity," I'm pretty sure "As Long as You're Mine" is my favorite is a taste of the lyrics...

Kiss me too fiercely
Hold me too tight
I need help believing
You're with me tonight
My wildest dreamings
Could not foresee
Lying beside you
With you wanting me

And just for this moment
As long as you're mine
I've lost all resistance
And crossed some borderline
And if it turns out
It's over too fast
I'll make ev'ry last moment last
As long as you're mine

Maybe I'm brainless
Maybe I'm wise
But you've got me seeing
Through different eyes
Somehow I've fallen
Under your spell
And somehow I'm feeling
It's "up" that I fell


DghterOfAKing said...

you are precious and I love you!

twopoundmiracle said...

it was so fun to see you for a part of that wonderfully wicked evening! it is so fun to be part of your lives!
you two looked so cute! and I am glad you had such a great time! we lucked out with seats in the side orchestra- about 7 rows back.... and met Megan Hilty after the show! too fun! i love her!

well love, february date needs to so up on our calendars! we are in wedding world next weekend, but after that lets get together!