Sunday, January 6, 2008

...the sound of raindrops

As I lie in bed, editing photos, chatting with people here and there, surfing the net for the latest gadget or program, I hear nothing but the tap-tapping of my keyboard, the whirring of my laptop fan, and the amazingly perfect sound of rain flowing from my rooftop outside my window, into a puddle below. I love the sound of rain! Rain makes me happy. Giddy, like a little girl. Everytime it rains my spirits soar, and I am reminded of how much I am in love with life. Strange, don't you think? That the weather pattern that so many people dread, and become depressed by, makes me so lively!? Hmmmm, maybe that's a sign....a sign pointing me to a rainier place...such as...oh I don't know...Seattle? ;) (maybe someday) Anyway, point being, I love the rain. Its kinda spiritual on some levels. It's that whole concept of our slates being wiped clean by His forgiveness, which becomes tangibly evident when the heavens open up on us.

On another level, I can stand in the middle of a street, umbrella-less, being drenched through my clothes, and consider myself the luckiest girl in the world (although I must say, it is more fun when the person you love is with you!). And that is just merely for the sake of adventure! The smell of wet concrete makes me smile, and the clear days after the storm are wonderful. I love to go hunt for puddles to splash people with, or gutters-turned-rivers to float paper boats down, or go off-roading in the mud after a storm, or take a walk in the rain down an empty street, or sit under an awning and people watch. Perhaps I would not love it so if I lived in it daily, but I think, even then...I still would appreciate the cleanliness that follows it.

ok, enough romanticizing the precipitation, I am going to fall asleep to the sound of God's creation being washed clean. Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams!

**Rose parade pics, are coming....I promise! I just need to narrow them down a lil more...

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