Thursday, February 21, 2008

i had a valentine!!!

I know I said I would write about this a week ago, but I really haven't had time. Lots of new and exciting things going on here, and it's been a lil busy!

For as long as I can remember, I've despised Valentine's Day. I have always been part of the school of thought that says, "it's just another day on the calendar...if you really love someone, you should show them daily...not just once a year!" I will admit that I always secretly hoped someone would sweep me off my feet, and change my opinion of the day of little naked cherubs and candy hearts with sayings the preempted texting slang. So, this year, for the very first time in my entire life, I had a real Valentine! Sure, I had a guy give me flowers a few years ago, he was really more of a friend, and we never really dated, I've always gotten those sweet kiddie Valentines from friends, and one year in high school, I even got a bracelet from someone, but this was different. I have a boyfriend this year, as I have in the past occasionally, but this was different even from other times. He actually planned the day for me, simply because he loves me! It was amazing! In the weeks leading up to the 14th, everytime I asked Zach what we were doing for V-day he would shoot back a comment such as, "when is that again?" or "I don't know, have you thought of anything?" But I just knew he had something up his sleeve, because I was told not to plan anything that day. The 13th, we arranged that he would be at my house about 10 minutes to 9am...(which really was 9am cuz he's usually about 10 min off.). So we parted ways after the first Mexicali Training, and attempted to each get to bed on the earlyish side. I was so giddy, I had no idea what had been planned, (I couldn't wait to find out) but even moreso, I was so excited that someone cared enough to actually think of something creative to do for me. I felt so incredibly loved! I'm gushing aren't I? O:) Anyway, I couldn't sleep. I was far too excited to dream restfully. I felt like a little kid the night before you're supposed to leave for camp, or vacation, or somewhere new...super antsy, and a little nervous, and excited all in one burst of emotion.

BOING BOING alarm went off at 7:30 on Valentines morning. I jumped out of bed, straightened my hair, did my make-up, ironed my shirt (luckily I laid out my clothes the night before...otherwise I would have been a disaster!) At 9 there was a knock on the door, I opened it, with anticipation, to find my man, standing there with Starbucks in hand! Not just any of my most favorite drinks...a triple-grande-nonfat-cinnamon dolce latte!! I grabbed my jacket, and purse and change of clothes for later (as I was instructed), and we jumped in the truck and headed to a surprise destination. **sidenote: Surprises and I really have a love/hate relationship. I love that someone thinks to surprise me, and feel totally loved, and blessed to have people that care enough to surprise me, BUT at the same time, I hate being surprised. I like, okay - love, to be in the know.** By the time we got halfway down State College I figured out we were going to the "happiest place on earth," and was thrilled! Especially since only a couple days earlier I had mentioned wanting to go to D-land sometime soon. However, we were not only headed to Disneyland, but really to Paradise Pier Hotel in Downtown Disney for breakfast! :) It was so much fun! Paradise Pier is totally Cali styled...and the PCH Grille (where we had breakfast) was so much fun! It was a character breakfast, so Lilo, and Stitch, and Goofy, and Minnie, all came out for hula lessons, and to hang with the kiddos. I'm such a little kid at heart, it was perfect! Stitch even tried to tell me he had "off-ed" my man, and was now my was hysterical!!! The food was amazing! Everything you could think of was on the buffet line. Mickey shaped waffles, terriyaki glazed salmon, strawberries and whipped cream, omlettes made to order...yum!! We just sat forever and talked, watching the innocence of the children being enraptured by these real-life cartoons. It was a perfect start!

Followed by a wonderful afternoon! Neither one of us expected the parks to be very crowded, and because we have passes, we're a little snobish as to the amount of time (or lack thereof) we want to spend in lines. We hit a couple favorites, Space Mountain, and Indiana Jones (which was actually working, for once) before the lines got too long, then headed over to CA adventure to make jump on Screamin, Soarin', and the Sun-Wheel (the ferris wheel that has buckets that swing...its great for an unexpected laugh!)

We left before the crowds got out of hand, and ran a few errands winding up back at Zach's house. The original plan was that he was going to drop me off at home, and then come get me like an hour later but, due to outside circumstances, the plan was in need of amending. Instead, he left me in the truck for a few minutes, while he disappeared through the front door (keep in mind I have NO idea what's going on.) Just a few minutes later - although it seemed like an eternity-he came back, grabbed my hand, and led me inside. He had set a table! With red and white dishes and everything! All by himself! I was floored! I'm pretty sure I threw my stuff on the futon and wrapped my arms around him. He had gone, picked out the dishes, figured out how it would look best, and even got me roses. We hopped back in the car and went to pick up our food at Macaroni Grill which he had ordered the day before. (he even thinks ahead!) It was so perfect that we didn't have to wait to be seated, wait to get our food, surrounded by 200 other loud people in love. Valentine's crowds have always been a bit of an annoyance to me. He knows me so well he could order my meal perfectly...even when it was something I had never eaten there. We ended the day in each others arms discussing life and love. It could not have been more perfect! AND, of course, I have pictures to prove it! :)

the colors seem to have dulled a bit on these, but you'll get the idea...they are just from a p&s after all!
yum! my breakfast of strawberries, salmon, pinapple, and an omlette with ham, and mushrooms, and onions, and cheese!
...and then there's Zach...who managed to fill, and empty his plate twice! Aren't the Mickey waffles adorable!?

Such a fun surf-city atmosphere! Goofy...hangin with the kids
my Valentine and me! :) (yes, we matched...we sort of matched. Completely unintentionally....but we decided it was ok. After all, aren't you supposed to wear red on Valentine's Day?)

Stitch was conspiring to be rid of my date!...he thought he won such luck!

Whoever plays Goofy is hysterical! Totally uninhibited!

We have this thing: being regulars of the park affords us the luxury of knowing where each camera sits, and therefore we usually plan our ride-pics when we first get on each ride...key word...usually. I kinda forgot this time...oops! But, I will say, his idea was pretty adorable!

I love Tower of Terror...that drop that jolts your stomach into your throat...even when you know it's coming...
Isn't this adorable!? We had talked about these signs and how perfectly they would go in my room a few days before V-day. He listens so well!!
My roses, a week later, are still gorgeously adorning my dresser as a daily reminder that I am loved!

**to all those guys (and girls) out there that say things like "he's going to give the rest of us a bad name," and "guys like him set the bar too high..." I say that's ridiculous! I was talking to Zach one time about a past experience along these lines and to that he said, "it shouldn't take any extra effort, or really any extra thought to do things for the person you love the most in the world." It's so very true! Seeing the one person you care most about smile, and making their day brighter by going the extra mile, or doing something out of the ordinary just because makes your life that much better! Whether it be writing a note of encouragement, or emailing a silly photo, or even stopping by work, their fav coffee in hand....go make your loved one smile today...just because. Let them know how rewarding it is to have them your life.

"live well, laugh often, love much"

** tomorrow (friday) I'm heading to Disneyland @ 10 to see one of my Mexicali team members, Miss Chelsie Bell, play with her orchestra in Carnation Plaza! More on my Mexicali team, and the upcoming trip over the next couple days! Then tomorrow night it's hopefully off to have dinner and see Vantage Point with Heidi and Tony!


KATIE said...

that's so cool girl!
stoked you had such a good v-day!!! :)
thanks for the photos of it too!
makes me think of a quote by Thomas Merton
"Love seeks one thing only: the good of the one loved. It leaves all the other secondary effects to take care of themselves. Love, therefore, is its own reward."
good one to keep in mind in all aspects of love...

david & kimi baxter said...

awesome! many blessings to you!

jamiedelaine said...

AH cute!! It's neat reading this... I love seeing where you and Zach's relationship was a year ago and where you guys are now!

I love love! :)