Wednesday, February 27, 2008

UGH....killer headache!

Hi all...I had intended to post tonight, but the back right quarter of my head feels like its going to explode. AND this headache has been plaguing me all day long! so this will be short!

but I had to tell you about this...
I was at church on Saturday for a Youth Specialties youth workers training convention-type-thing. Close to a few hundred people showed up to learn how to better impact students lives for Christ. It was great. Really! They had some great tips and such....but the real reason I mention it is because there was a guy behind a table scattered with stickers (shaped like a closed fist) and behind him hung a banner that said "Bite Back." I had to do a double take. Seriously? What on earth was that!? It definitely caught my attention (as intended), but I never really had the chance to talk to him-the guy behind the table, but in front of the banner- because I left early. Zach mentioned it later and clued me in as to the message behind the eye-catching phrase.

A new division of Compassion International, this "Bite Back" campaign basically has an agenda to end Malaria. 750,000 children die each year of malaria in Africa, that's a child every 30 seconds...a simple mosquito net could stop this. Just $10 buys a net that could save a childs life! It's an ambitious goal, but honestly, I believe that we, as Americans, could take a HUGE bite out of the malaria scene. Imagine if everyone in So. Cal alone donated $10 to make a difference in another country. The turn-out would be amazing. People, and kids especially, could have a fighting chance! I don't know about you, but if for three (out of my 8 or so) trips to Starbucks a week I got just regular coffee...instead of a triple grande blah blah blah latte, I would have saved almost $ 10 bucks, and have the chance to help someone! That's not cutting out my caffeine addiction, it's not even depriving myself....and when I think about how much of a difference that could make, it's such an easy decision!

In the time it took you to read this post...3 or four African children have died from this miserable disease..., help end it! click on either of these banners to get to the BITE BACK the video, read the mission statement...and donate $10 bucks... please? these kids need our help! and if a few dollars here and there is all it takes...why even hesitate?

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Anonymous said...

hope you feel better, will check out bite later when i get back from work.