Tuesday, February 5, 2008

just another day in paradise!

Ok, so maybe it's not quite paradise, but I'd say Santa Barbara is pretty darn close! It's definitely one of my most favorite places to spend a sleepy Saturday afternoon, that is for sure! Zach and I pulled into town around noon, and spent the entire day exploring, shopping, shooting, and just living! We had the Santa Barbara classic, Habit for lunch, then made the trip up to Java Jones for after-lunch coffee. Driving on the wharf was a new experience for the boy, as was the trip to "thousand steps" at sunset! After the sun was set, we head back up all those stairs (there aren't actually a thousand steps), we were off to Carp (to Katie's) for a fun night of fantastic company, very competitive Taboo, and yummy snacks, around 9:30 we excused ourselves and headed back to town to grab a bite at my favorite SB Italian spot before gettin' "on the road again." Smiling and being polite to the adorable older gentleman at the front door of Pascucci's paid off, he let us be seated (even though they were practically closed), and we had a fantastic dinner of their Bellagio pasta, and butterleaf salad. One more stop at Java Jones, a quick drive up in the hills to see the gorgeous lights below, and we headed home. Just in time too! It started to sprinkle on us when we left the restaurant!

Here are some of the pics we both took! Click on any of them for a slideshow!

**this guy was awesome! he smoked his pipe as though he had been doing it for years, BUT afterward, he was coughing like he'd never smoked a day in his life!

***I settled for the song by Chris Cagle for the slideshow because I couldn't find Tim's "just another day in paradise!"


Shane Melenbacker said...

Hey Brit, do you want to trade places. You can come to NE where it's a high of 5 degrees and Erin and I can head to SB. I really like the idea :) Looks like you guys had a great time. Later...

KATIE said...

That was super cool that you came... well, super cool doesn't real seem to do justice... it was way sweet dudette!
sweet shots!