Monday, February 4, 2008

please pray...

Hi everyone. I come bearing bad news. Please please please pray for this family!

There is a family of 3 in Colorado in the hospital due to an auto accident. And things are bad. The thing is, though, this family is a missionary family, and they were set to leave on February 12 for Cambodia. Andrea, Scott Sward, and their 18 month old, Issac (and a couple other missionaries, whom I don't know) were in a van on the freeway yesterday morning. There van was side swiped, they rolled, 2 people were killed, and the Sward family were all taken to the hospital with incredibly serious injuries. As of this morning, Issac was taken off life-support...he passed away, Scott is concious, and Andrea is critical, but stable. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers! God is good, and He can do anything, but sometimes, it's a little difficult to completely trust that! Their families need our support through prayers!

here are two articles on the accident, and the most updated information on the Friends Church SouthWest site...

News story on accident

News story 2

EFCSW update

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