Tuesday, April 15, 2008

crazy days...

do you ever have those days that seem like they will never end, and yet when you finally get into bed that night, it feels like the shortest day of your life? Well, today was that way for me. (actually yesterday...but whatever) I don't know whether it had to do with the fact that I am working real hours now, or because i left my cell phone at home this am, or whether it had to do with me looking forward to dinner with my man and my new family (the people for whom i work), or if it was all based on what is going to be going on tomorrow. all i know is that it seemed like the end of today would never come, but as i drove home tonight, for the duration of the 30-40 min drive, my brain was in overdrive, and i was mulling over everything, and nothing all at once! i know at some point i thought there weren't enough hours in the day today. i was following zach, and poor guy, i don't think i ever went more than 65 mph...he stayed close to make sure i was okay...but my head was just in the clouds! anyway, some interesting stuff is going on in my life at the moment. i'll go into more detail about some of it in the next couple days. but i'm a little nervous about tomorrow. if ya'll could pray for a calming of nerves, that would be greatly appreciated! :) thank you!

i know i've been incredibly lax in posting lately, i'll get back into the habit this week! lots of love to you all! God bless...

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twopoundmiracle said...

love you and miss you britt!
when can we catch up and i can give you back you fondue pot?
love you love you love you!