Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Maui...Day 3

Today, we went whale watching!!! Sooooo much fun! (minus the tank top tan lines I now have!) lol. Anyway, we went on a boat with about 100 other people...and in the times that I've been whale watching in the past, it hasn't really been anything to gloat about, so I was skeptical. This time though, it was AWESOME! Even the crew members on the boat were excited! Researchers came out to where we were and dove with the whales! There were about 16 whales that we saw, and at one point, there were about 6 males fighting over a female. The the dolphins decided they wanted to hang out with us too! I took tons of photos, and here are a few!

Oh, by the way, we missed our first boat, so we found a starbucks, had breakfast, then hung out in Banyon Tree Park for a while. the first images are from these amazing trees!

the wood in this crook of one of the limbs was sooo smooth from people sitting in it. the rest of the tree looked like the bark of a magnolia tree!

our boat!
Pacific Whale Foundation led the tours.

miss snaggle tooth....her front tooth is SUPER loose, but she won't pull it!
humpback whales

Hawaiian spitter dolphins!


one of the naturalists on our crew. Steve O was helping us get a shot of one of the whales "breaching."

Delaney and Linda...I love shooting mirrored glasses!
AND we went to Roy's for dinner. It was soooo yummy. I had brown butter glazed opakapaka (or something like that). It was amazing. more on that tomorrow. Plus, we are going to the aquarium in the morning! :) Maybe I'll even get up early enough to catch sunrise! :)

night all! sweetest dreams!


Tim Halberg said...

I can't believe that sail boat is still sitting there sunken in the waves!!! (in SB the smash them if they sit for longer than like 5 days!)

david & kimi baxter said...

so jealous!! love your dolphin images brittany!