Thursday, April 10, 2008

quick post!

Hi!! I know I haven't blogged the last couple days, I've been too tired! :) I'm heading to the airport in a couple hours, and will be home about 5 am (cali time). But, here's a couple pics of me today from Caeser!

This is Delaney and me...on one of the paths at the resort...
my only drink the WHOLE trip! I finally had a PiƱa Colada today at lunch. I would have killed for a Mai Tai, but ya know, there are more important things! LOL.

ok, more when I get home!

lots of love! ~b

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Shane Melenbacker said...

Hey Brit... Love the shots and have been keeping up with what you've been up to. You've been busy! Hope all is well, love to catch up sometime although I don't know when that will be. Later...