Wednesday, August 13, 2008

B & B Lyskoski...the wedding

August, 2007...

"Britt, I met the one."

"Brian!!! What?! Where?! How?! When?! DETAILS!!!"

"Her name is Brittney, we met at camp, she was on hos, and she's perfect. I'm going to marry her."
"Ooooo...Well, I gotta meet/approve her!!!"

December, 2007...

Brian - "I'm going ring shopping today!"

"You better let me know what you find!"

(a little while later...over text)

"I got one! The perfect one!"

"Oh my goodness Brian!!! I can't believe it! I'm so excited"


Brian and I go way back. We have been friends for about 8 years (His older bro and I were friends even before that). We have been through everything together, walked each other through some pretty difficult times, near death experiences, and some amazing ones as well. Always there to lean on each other, and count on the other for guidance. We even went to homecoming together one year! The rollercoaster of high school, and his first couple years of college (he's a grade younger than me).

One night, up at QMC, we were laying in the field with some other friends just staring at the amazingly black ad starry sky. Talking about life, and growing up, and getting married some day...he randomly interjected, out of the blackness "Britt...when I get're shooting my wedding." I sort of laughed it off, while half-heartedly agreeing...

All these years later, the day he proposed I got the phone call..."Britt, I'm getting married! You're shooting my wedding!" I hadn't even really met Brittney yet! After an engagement session at the end of December, and a few double dates, I knew that Brian and Britt were perfect for each other, and was elated at my friend's joy.

Saturday, August 9 2008, my heart swelled with pride, and excitement and love for these friends. I had the privilege (along with the help of my dear friend Katee Grace) of capturing a day full of unbridled love, and uncontainable excitement. I was nervous! It's been a while since I've been nervous before a wedding. The prep went smoothly, the girls formals, and the boys formals all went perfectly. At the church I position myself in the sound booth above the aisle, the wedding party heads down the aisle...the crowd stand for the Bride. The doors open, and my lens is focused on Brian...his eyes adjust, his head tilts back, the movements of his mouth form "WOW" in utter wonderment at the woman walking toward him. Seeing her for the first time that day, and realizing that she was walking to be by his side forever brought tears to his eyes, and in turn to mine. I lost it. The last time I cried at a wedding was Richard and Wendy's about a year ago. But this was so personal, and so very perfect... 

Thank you Brian and Britt for being amazing friends, and giving me the opportunity to share in the romance of your day. It could not have been more perfect, and I am blessed to have been a part! Have an amazing Honeymoon in St. Lucia!  I love you both so very much!

At rehearsal dinner, Bri gave all the boys converse, the classic black and white ones...these were the ones the dads picked out...

**funny sidenote... Zach was Brian's small group leader in high school, and they became close. So he was in the wedding, which was fun. Brian is actually partially responsible for Zach and me getting togther...haha. long story. but here's a pic from high school...although, I will say that I like the latest addition to the group very, very much! In fact, I can't remember what it was like without her!

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