Monday, December 31, 2007

...Brian & Brittney

A very long time ago, I became wonderful friends with a fantastic kid. Brian, over the years has matured and grown up, and turned into an incredible man of God. When I heard he was head over heels for a girl he met at camp I was thrilled! And, when he proposed, I could not wait to hear all the details. Brian has played a huge part in my life, all through high school and college, and I cannot express how grateful I am that he found Brittney. They are both such a blessing. When they asked me to shoot their wedding, I was honored! I can hardly wait for August!

In the gloomy mid-day sun, the four of us headed up to Pasadena for an e-session. I honestly, didn't have any of it mapped out, but knowing us, it would be an adventure getting lost! We parked on a street off Colorado Blvd, way south of Lake Ave., and walked along the famous street to find interesting buildings, and colors. The construction of bleachers for the Rose Parade on New Years Day has already begun, and the entire town was alive with the bustle of preparation for the throngs of people filing in over then next day and a half. We are first, great friends, and second photographer/client, so shooting was an adventure for sure! Amidst the Target shopping carts, old books, ugly rugs, the dingy lit alleys, and the classic shops, we all giggled and made jokes and teased each other while Zach and I clicked away at our shutter buttons. below are a few of my favorite shots! It was a wonderful day, with memories that will last a lifetime, with lifelong friends! Thank you Brian and Britt for the fantastic honor of capturing your day! I love you both very much!

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We pulled them into an old bookstore and of course, ever the romantic, Brian went straight for the Shakespeare!

The vibrantly beautiful, Miss Brittney Tinker! (only for a little longer!)

This one Zach caught while I was looking elsewhere! For never having shot anyone before, he did an awesome job!

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