Friday, July 25, 2008

the goings on of the next week and a half...

:) busy busy busy....

thats all I seem to be these days! but most days I love it. I love seeing God work in the lives of my 25 high school freshman girls, I watch Delaney and Sidney become more mature everyday, I love seeing the excitement and anticipation, as some of my best friends prepare to get married aug 9, I love watching my relationship with Zach grow daily in Christ. I love spending time with the Steigers, and doing wedding prep with them for this weekend, and cooking, and baking, and bonding with people that are fairly new in my life. my Daddy made a comment to me the other day, "you fill every spare moment with volunteering, and helping, and socializing." (every spare moment besides those in which I'm working that is!) and he's soooo right! but what better ways to spend my time? :) I love being able to possibly make a difference in peoples lives! 

Ok, tonight is Friday...We have rehearsal dinner for Ryan & Whit's wedding. The ceremony and reception are tomorrow. 

Then, Monday morning bright and early, we leave for Quaker Meadow Camp. it's about a 6 hour bus ride up in the high sierras. I went to QMC every year from the summer I was going into 4th grade, to the summer before senior year of high school. it's the type of place where incredible memories are made, lifelong friendships are forged, and most of the distractions of our everyday OC life are forgotten for the week. 

I can't wait! This year I'm a counselor with my friends Wendy, and Brittney...we have something like 25 freshman girls, it will be amazing! 

If you feel inclined to send's the address! :)  hehe...keep us in your prayers!

Brittany Leigh Gebler
c/o Quaker Meadow Christian Camp
HCR 3, Box 601
Springville, CA 93265

have a great weekend!

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