Monday, July 7, 2008


The other day, Sunday, we had the pleasure of going to Annapolis for the afternoon! It was great to see some of the history and awesome things the capital city has to offer!! :)

crazy houses!ironic...the rec center on "Compromise St."
straight out of "Step Up!"
sweet old theater building
amazing brick architecture everywhere!
super quaint!
C, just being C!

awesome Naval Academy campus!

me and my patterns

oh dear...slightly drafty!
sweet dilapidated windy stairs!
mmmmm....*BUCKS!!!! :) (sorry C!)
my letter, and #!

Lime Green Trim! Awesome!

hmmm who can tell me where there's a famous "Green Street?"
my first real crab experience!

O Nuts!Crab Cakes, Maryland Crab Soup, and Boiled Crabs!
"NO THANK YOU DADDY!!!!" ~Sidney

Safe with burgers!
D tried it...and LOVED it! :)

this is Joe...
ewwww...Joe's time on the plate was short-livedhaha utensils? how about fingers!
caught in the act
not much left of Joe

hahahahhahahahaha...crazy tourists!! at least WE weren't that bad!
Whipped cream anyone!?

cool newspaper thingys...lolSuch a quaint small town shop!
hmmm..... ;)
purple doors?!?
Trumpets, Violins, guitars...even sitars...all fairly common...but Bagpipes?!
mmm...AMAZING clouds here in MD!

State House!
red doors are EVERYWHERE....(if you don't know I adore red doors!)
cute name!
being sisters!

silly-faced Sid
Crazy houses that are painted in half, top to bottom, to distinguish the difference! But all one building!

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