Wednesday, July 9, 2008

North Carolina - day 2

Cindy and Bruce Marshburn, along with their adorable kids (Drew, 12 and Madi, 7) opened up their home in Cedar Point, North Carolina to us for the week! Its beautiful here, and although its 10:30 pm, 80 degrees, and 85% humidity, I love it! Bruce and Caeser have been friends for years, so on this trip to the East, it only seemed right that we spend time with them! They have a beautiful home, and an awesome environment. More photos to come as adventures are had!

my new favorite thing.....a fully screened in back porch! there's a specific seat that I love...the swing. its sooo quiet out here!

Bear....he recently got shaved...
(don't shave the bears...they don't like it!)

Cosmo, the Italian Greyhound...sooooo tiny! twig-like

a few shots from the little town we visited today...

absolutely, hands down, the UGLIEST birds I have EVER seen!

Delaney, adjusting her hairLinda and Sid
a quaint old dock
i'm not really sure this drain is doing what its supposed to
haha, no one wanted to be in the pic
D's choke-hold on Sid
Drew and Madi....looking uncomfortable
what a name! "Salty Sheep Yarn Shop"
Church St. Deli....awesome sandwiches!
only in a small town!
black & tan. 'nough said.
This guy, in a gallery, had his little station where he carved, and painted beautiful wooden birds. Almost decoy-like!
is this not the epitome of the images that comes to mind when you think North Carolina? I LOVE black rocking chairs!
Drew, Delaney, Sidney, and Madi
shes just so sweet!
sisterly affection!
D with her HUGE (and upside down) goggles

cuuuute... lol

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lindsayreskey said...

i love all of the pictures... it is like you were in a different world or a far off land... life is so different here... sometimes i wonder why it costs more to live in our little bitty houses on our tiny bits of land when there are places that are so much more fantastically picturesque... i know for me it boils down to family being the irreplaceable part. but i see you pictures and resume my thought of , "why don't we all pack up everyone we love and start a commune..." i would make an excellent cult member. i think m night shyamalan made a movie about people like me... :)