Monday, July 7, 2008

beaucoup photos from Lakefest!!! :)

I don't have time to write a ton....I'll try to do that tonight...but here are a bunch of pics of adventures from the last week and a half! I'm not going to make too many comment, but you'll get the jist! Have a good laugh!

Welcome to SNELLING CA! LOL...

sunset in the field!!
My AMAZING girls in my car! Katie, Kristy and Kayla! (and me and Zach!)

Josh!Glen took these for me! :)

Poor Marissa!

Hope and Sam

Apparently me wiping out was funny to Tyler

Malibu/Cheerleader Barbie! (aka Sam!)
my stud!
Corey and his girlfriend!!! :) Jenni
Miss Delaney Kinne

the boys cooking burgers!!! LOL funny story about that one....

Uncle Brad looking a bit like Grampy....

my studly hero... being goofy

Cor is an AWESOME wakeboarder...

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