Saturday, December 29, 2007

...amazing day

Today was incredible. I'm going to leave out the details, but, I just wanted to share with everyone my new bed-mate. He is ADORABLE! He's very sweet, kinda the light tan color of raw sugar. He happens to be extremely cuddly! AND he too, is an Angels fan! Check it out!

His name happens to be Noah. Now, 10 points for the first person that figures out the shouldn't be too hard!

**sorry for the icky image quality, it's an iPhone pic. :)

So, Noah was the first excitement for the day...

...the second was my MARK III, ummm it's pretty much, AMAZING. more on that later.

and third...p.s. i love you is wonderful. grab the girlfriend and go see it. it will make you laugh, and make you cry, but it is more than worth the tears.

there's definitely a fourth...but lets just say it was a perfect ending, to a perfect day! :)

night all! sweetest of dreams!


kennykimdotcom said...

i'm gonna guess and say the reference is from the movie notebook!

chris lazo said...

Gotta hate those iPhone cameras.