Sunday, December 16, 2007

...Christmas: Cowgirl Style...

Last night, Friday, I went to the Rose Drive Friends Church high school Christmas gathering....

It was sooooo much fun! I helped set up a little bit, and let me tell you, 27 bales of hay are not easy to unload and carry! But, we got the hay in place, the lights hung, the extension cords unraveled and strung together, and even the cotton candy machine running. It was a hit. There was even a real caller, Dale Hoppers! The team of staff and volunteers managed to turn the parking lot into a down home "Hoe-Down." We had games of eating doughnuts off a string, a bounce house, (bobbing for apples didn't go over too well, it was far too cold), and even a cake walk. Food was deep fried turkey (and fixin's), caramel apples, cotton candy, popcorn, and such. The line dancing was a blast, and the square dancing was highly entertaining with all the "do-si-does," and "right & left grands." The best part was the high schoolers not knowing their right from left! I am posting a few pics, but here is the link to see a gallery of the rest of them!

Country Christmas Party Photos

I was shooting with the 50mm 1.0, so they are a lil soft. I love that lens, it's great for low light, even though its hard to find anything sharp at 1.0....still the tungsten work lights cast an awesome warm glow over the whole scene, I simply could not justify bringing out the 580 to wash it all out....ya know? Besides, I think the softness gives them a more rustic look.

vine to the right...123...vine to the left...123...1/4 turn...123...

Yeah Dale Hoppers!!!

me, and the guy that makes all this kinda stuff happen!

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