Thursday, December 20, 2007

...night of thoughtfulness...

a cold winter night.
a truck.
a blanket.
a beautiful city over which to look.
a guitar.

this was my night. however short, it was incredible.

Actually, it started out not so great. Traffic school. Yuck. It got much, much better however, after being released from sitting in a courtroom listening to the laws of the lanes, I gave the boy a call around 10ish. When I got to his house he was sitting on the truck waiting, and wondering how much time I actually had. I could tell he had a plan, and after jumping in the truck, peppered him with questions about what we were doing, where we were going, and the like. See, I LOVE surprises, but get so very excited/curious, that I want to know everything before its happens, or before we get there. Luckily, he knows this and managed to hold out on the details of the adventure.

We pulled into the Summit House parking lot, he backed into a spot overlooking OC, and we got out. As I was admiring the beautiful view and lights below our perch, he pulled out his guitar and a blanket, and put down the tailgate (all while my back was turned). Grabbing my hand, he pulled me back to the truck and picked up his guitar. I felt my eyes turn into saucers...he was going to play for me! (Most people don't know this, but someone playing guitar for me is huge. It's pretty much my favorite thing. I love to just sit and listen to anyone play. It comes from the years of sitting around the bonfire at the beach or in the rec room at camp with a bunch of friends who could play guitar and sing. We used to just get together and worship...raw, acoustic, emotional connection with God. I just love that.) Anyway, Zach played a bunch of worship songs, and we both sang and hummed along. It was amazing. Probably one of the sweetest things anyone's done for me. I can not wipe the smile off my face!

The night only got better from there...but I think I'll wait to share that a little later. :)

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KATIE said...

awe!!!!! this is so sweet how God is orchestrating your life girl!!! :)