Friday, December 28, 2007

...Christmas came and went...

Now is the time to let out a big *sigh* of relief! Not that I don't LOVE the Christmas spirit, or the season, and everything else that goes along with it, because I really do! It's just a TON of work! My parents both work at schools (my dads a teacher and my mom a secretary) and, as such, they were working until December 21 this year. That is insane! My poor mother has a habit of waiting until the very last minute possible to go shopping...which in turn creates last-minute wrapping. And this year, with the late break date things just seemed so much more stressful! Not to mention the ridiculous amount of baking we do. Anyway, once Christmas Eve is arrives, the stress kind of melts away, and the excitement and joy really sink in. Here are a few fun shots from Christmas Day at my house with Grammy and Grampy, my great-grandparents, and my parents...enjoy!

Ok, so my mom and I are known for spending entirely too much time on our wrapping. We usually have some sort of a theme going, and our bows, and tags and such are pretty impressive! :) My favorite paper this year was the harlequin-esque light green/dark green diamonds.

Mom and Daddy! mom's mom, and Spike...their 5 lbs ball of fluffy fury.

My great-grandparents. They are 95 and 94....isn't that amazing!?
Spike being fed from the table, which normally isnt allowed, but it was Christmas...
details, details, details....

a cute necklace, a buckle from a houndstooth pair of Wellies from Banana Republic, a bow from Anthropology, a butter mold from Williams-Sonoma, non-pariel covered gumdrops, and Sprinkles cupcake mix!

Something everyone should know by now, my family really knows how to do food! :) Christmas dinner at my house is traditionally prime rib, creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and this year we had roasted brussel sprouts (at which most people turn up their nose, but these are AMAZING). It was sooo wonderful, even though the pic doesn't fully do it justice. all his little white glory.
How adorable is my Grammy!? She has snowmen on her toes!

This is my Maddy Golden Retriever. She is 11 years old, and as gorgeous as ever!
Mom and Grammy being silly in the kitchen

the Brussel Sprouts!!!
This diamond belonged to my great-great it's from the late 1800's (probably) how awesome is that!? I am sooo stoked it's still in the family, that means, one day, I'll get it!

some of the pretty ornaments on the tree...

and of course, the entire reason we have an amazing day called CHRISTmas....

I pray everyone had a splendid Christmas! Love love!

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