Monday, December 3, 2007

..the end came...

I really just have been trying to convince myself that I would honestly catch up on the month of November in blogging. SOOO not going to happen. There is something that happened that you all should know though.

Gavin and I broke up a couple weeks ago. As you all know, I was convinced he was the guy for me. I was planning on marrying him, and spending forever with him! However, it was not meant to be. After fighting constantly all summer, we broke up in September, and when we got back together a week later I knew that if things didn't get better, or change, it wasn't going to last. Well, nothing changed. Our relationship had become self centered, instead of Christ centered, and banal....the romance was just kept going downhill. The downward spiral had to stop, and the only way to get each of our lives on track, was for there to be no more "us." It's not easy, and I honestly miss him, but I know God will fill the hole in me....He's already starting to. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! they mean the world!


Old Teach said...

Came across your site when I found Ryan Crump's wedding video. What a wonderful gift you have for capturing people and emotions! The excitement of the day and the love between Ryan and Michele really came to life in your photos.

Sorry to read of your break up, but so encouraged to read that you will fill the void with and by God's grace.

Continued blessing to you and please give my regards to your mom.
Cherie (Smith) Coleman, former FCS 4th grade teacher, Annapolis, MD

david & kimi baxter said...

oh brittany i'm so sorry to hear that. God will definitely bless you with another, if he hasn't already! many blessings to you!